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Meet The NGSS Science Standards for Middle School With New STCMS™ units from The Smithsonian.

Middle School Science

If you’re looking for Middle School Science Materials that meet Next Generation Standards*, you’re in the right place. NEW Smithsonian STCMS™ units are:

  • Completely aligned to the new science standards for grades 6-8
  • Built on the Smithsonian’s more than 30 years of research into teaching science
  • Based on the premise that students learn science by engaging in scientific and engineering practices
  • Proven to raise test scores in science, reading and math  

Here’s how it works:

Just click on the units that meet your grade level standards. You’ll find what’s included in the unit and the resources available, including Concept Storyline and reorder information. All with a few clicks!

STCMS™ Unit Kits




Everything you need

Each STCMS™ unit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition (print and digital)
  • Teacher Access to Carolina Science Online®
    • Teacher eBook access
    • Student eBook Access
    • Spanish Resources
  • 16 Hardbound Student Guides
  • Hands-on Materials Kit of Choice:
    • 1-Class Kit (with enough materials for up to 32 students)
    • 5-Class Kit (with enough materials for up to 160 students)


What the new edition of STC Middle School™ brings to your classroom:

  • Engagement: Investigations pull students into science as their learning builds to the Performance Expectations. Hands-on activities are the launching pad for data collection notebooking, problem solving, nonfiction reading and real world applications.
  • Standards Alignment: 9 new units aligned to NGSS let you customize your program.  Select 3 units a year for each grade level to build a L-E-P program or integrated middle school program.
  • STEM: Important real world skills like collaboration, teamwork, communication skills and problem solving are built right in.
  • Results: The research is clear—STC raises test scores in science, reading and math for all.  A recently completed 5-year study of 60,000 students grades 1-8 shows how the investment in STC pays off.  
  • Engineering: Wondering how to handle the new NGSS Engineering Performance Expectations?
  • Smithsonian: The name says it all. Bring the excitement of the world’s largest research facility—and the most impressive collection of science and artifacts—into your classroom!

Need to Refurbish? You Have Options!

You can purchase separate line items from our STC™ Components Catalog or purchase complete refurbishment sets from

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